Notary Public Services in Malaysia

Notarized translation services are translations involving the services of a notary public, a sort of professional witness that attests to as well as certifies the credibility of a document or document-related event, particularly trademarks.

Notary Public Services

Get Your Documents Notarized By Experts

Notarization is sometimes known as “notarial acts.” Our notary public goes through a three-step process that includes verification, certification, and record-keeping. It is the official procedure for preventing fraud. It assures the parties to a deal that the document being notarized is genuine. In most cases, notarization is mandatory for documents used in banking transactions or court documents. Notarial services help improve the “officialness” and acceptance of the statements made in affidavits, powers of attorney, and other documents. Anybody who reads a document with a notary’s certification is assured that it is exactly what it appears to be.

Benefits of Notarizing Documents

No matter if it is needed by law or not, there are numerous reasons to have a document notarized. This system has existed for centuries for the following reasons:

1. Prevent fraud and forgery.

Having a reliable notary to confirm a signer’s identification gives an added layer of security when implementing important documents in a world where con artists prey on any unsuspecting victim that comes along. Notarizing your documents can help you avoid contract disputes and court action.

2. Increase the document’s credibility.

Notarization is always essential before a document becomes legally binding. Even though this does not apply to all documents, having a document notarized is still advantageous because the stamp and signature of a notary elevates the document’s worth and authenticity.

Avoid having to call a witness in court.

A notarized document is regarded as self-authenticating under the law of proof. This means that it can be used as evidence in a trial without just that it is what it seems to be. So, by avoiding the need for the witness to be present, a notarization can save both time and money.

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