Certified Translation Services


As the global trade predicted to grow over 6% every year for the next 5 years from 2018 to 2023 and reaching A small mistake can lead to the rejection of documents. Don’t let that happen! Just hire our expert translators and make the process successful. We offer certified translation services for various foreign languages. In Malaysia, we have an reputation in the industry for providing clients with high-quality document translation services. In fact, we offer various book translation services. Our translators are seasoned professionals with years of real-world experience. We have access to premium tools and a qualified pool of skills. We know how to integrate human talent with technology to deliver high-quality translation services.

Our Commitment

On-time delivery of projects | 100% Accurate Translations | Extensive Review of The Translated Script | Very Economical Prices | Unlimited Revisions | Proper Fact-Checks and Adherence to Copyrights

Reasons To Choose Us

You will find many translators on the internet. But few of them are experts. Also, many cheap translation services take shortcuts to translate copies using free translator tools. This type of work comes with a lot of mistakes and wrong-interpretation of words. In official and commercial documents, such mistakes can lead to huge complications. Instead of saving a few bucks of money on your important document translation services, consider hiring an expert like us. We ensure-

1. Human Translation

At Asia Translation Services, we only offer human-translated copies. We have a team of qualified translators who read line by line a document and script. They are native speakers with profound knowledge of popular languages. If you need a Chinese copy translated to English or an English Copy translated to Tamilese, our experts will do the job for you with utmost perfection. Our translators understand the tone and feel of the language, and their translation skills convey the same message in another language. Therefore, you never have to worry about the wrong interpretation of language.

2. Thorough Fact-Check

Our experts conduct thorough fact-checking of each translated copy. We pay special focus on mistake-rectification and re-editing until the script sounds logical and comprehensible. We make sure the translated copy conveys the right meaning and serves the right purpose as the original document. Our experts make sure the translated copy follows a proper structure, the right transition, and a proper flow. For book translations or research copies, we also do proper citations.

3. 24×7 Customer Support

If you have any queries, you can directly contact our support team. We are available 24×7, and we will be happy to address your concern as soon as possible. For anything related to translated copies, payment, or personalization of service, you can directly consult with us. Our experts will listen to your needs and questions mindfully to provide a suitable solution. Our team is multilingual, and we are handling hundreds of clients with high priority!

For more information on services, simply call us on 03-40233321 / 012-3440266 or email us at info@asiatranslationservices.com we’re here to help!